OpenAI GPT-4: Explore the Multimodal Capabilities, Exciting New Features, Image Input Integration, and How to Use GPT-4 for Maximum Results!”

With the release of their latest AI language model, GPT-4, OpenAI has dropped a bombshell! This next-generation marvel is a massive leap forward from its predecessor, boasting a slew of mind-blowing capabilities that promise to transform the world of chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Don’t know much about language models, let alone GPT-4? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our dedicated guide will teach you everything you need to know about this game-changing AI model. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, settle in, and prepare to be blown away by the original GPT-4!

Discover GPT-4: Your Ultimate Guide to the Latest AI-Language Model in 2023

When it comes to navigating the vast landscape of information surrounding GPT-4, we’ve got you covered! Check out the table below to quickly jump to the specific aspects of the model that interest you the most. There’s no need to sift through endless articles when you can dive right into the exciting world of GPT-4 with our help!

GPT-4:What is This?

GPT-4 is simply the most recent iteration of OpenAI’s large language model systems (LLM). Language model systems, in general, are systems that try to predict the next word in a sentence and intelligently add their inputs to it. They achieve this by analysing a large dataset, which allows them to identify and act on patterns.

GPT-4 is ready to take AI language modelling to the next level! This latest addition to the series is expected to outperform predecessors such as GPT-3 and 3.5. So, what makes it so unique? It’s jam-packed with new and improved features that will propel chatbots like ChatGPT and MS Bing to new heights of performance. These bots will respond more intelligently, think more creatively, and handle older and newer ChatGPT prompts with ease with it. So buckle up and prepare to witness the future of AI language modelling!

The Multimodal GPT-4

Prepare to be amazed by the revolutionary power of GPT-4’s multimodal capabilities! This AI, unlike previous models, can now interpret and comprehend both text and image inputs, making it a game changer in the field of artificial intelligence.

GPT-4 can handle everything from documents with text and photographs to hand-drawn sketches and screenshots, with no restrictions on image sizes or types. What’s more, the best part? It output remains equally capable regardless of input type.


To see this incredible feature in action, OpenAI recently showcased GPT-4’s abilities during a developer live stream, where it was given a screenshot of a Discord window to describe in detail. The results were nothing short of astounding!

The model took just over a minute to respond and was extremely descriptive and accurate. Almost every element of the input screen was captured in the response. GPT-4 captured everything, from the server name in the top left corner to the various voice channels and even naming all of the Discord members online in the right pane.

Hold onto your seats because GPT-4 is about to blow your mind! During recent tests, people submitted various random artworks, including a photo of a squirrel holding a camera. It was then asked to identify what was funny about the image – and it didn’t disappoint.

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Like a human, the model responded with a specific answer, stating that the photo was humorous because squirrels usually eat nuts and don’t act like humans. How amazing is that? It is taking AI to the next level and proving that it can understand and interpret images just like we humans do.

GPT-4 excels at manipulating language.

OpenAI claims that GPT-4 is superior to its predecessors in tasks requiring creativity and advanced reasoning, and the tests we’ve seen so far support this claim. In a demo, the OpenAI co-founder asked it to summarize a section of a blog post using only words that start with “g,” a task that GPT-3.5 couldn’t do. It delivered a coherent sentence with only one word not beginning with “g” and corrected itself when asked. In our test using ChatGPT, we gave it text to summarize using only words that start with “n,” and it did a better job than GPT-3.5, although it didn’t stick to the prompt as well.

GPT-4 Image credit openai

GPT-4 crushed it when we asked it to fix errors, while GPT-3.5 failed. We even challenged them to turn an article into a rhyming poem, and it knocked it out of the park! The poem was complex, while GPT-3.5’s was just bad freestyling.

GPT-4 capable of passing tests.

OpenAI’s technical report on GPT-4 showcased its exceptional performance on various standardized tests, including LSAT, GRE, BAR, and even the courses on Sommeliers. It outperformed its predecessor, GPT-3, in most of these tests, particularly in the AP modules. However, it still faces some challenges in exams that demand more creativity, like the French Language and MIT exams.

A comparison of GPT-4’s performance on various standardized tests with GPT-3.5.
 Image Credit: OpenAI

Wow, GPT-4’s performance on standardized tests is impressive! OpenAI tested GPT-4 on a variety of exams, from LSAT and GRE to sommelier courses, and it consistently did well. But, we need to put this in context. Passing a test designed for humans doesn’t necessarily mean that AI systems have the same abilities as humans who pass the same test.

This point was made by computer scientist Melanie Mitchell, who discussed ChatGPT’s performance on various exams. Mitchell notes that AI systems’ ability to pass these tests depends on their capacity to retain and reproduce specific types of structured knowledge. So, while AI can pass a test, it doesn’t necessarily mean that GPT-4 can generalize from that baseline. It’s like the ultimate example of teaching to the test!

GPT-4 :Language model

GPT-4 is an extremely powerful language model that can process over 25,000 words of text. This remarkable capability enables a plethora of exciting applications, such as long-form content creation, extended conversations, and document search and analysis.

GPT-4 Image source openai

GPT-4’s expanded word limit can assist content creators in producing in-depth and comprehensive content with greater ease and accuracy. It can also enable longer and more engaging conversations, whether for customer service or virtual assistants.

Furthermore, the powerful text analysis capabilities of GPT-4 make it an ideal tool for businesses and researchers who need to analyse large amounts of text, such as legal documents, scientific papers, or news articles.

Overall, GPT-4’s increased word limit represents a significant advancement in the development of AI language models.

GPT-4 has always been at the heart of the new Bing!

Microsoft has confirmed that the driving force behind Bing’s chat experience is none other than the latest and greatest language model from OpenAI, GPT-4! Although this news may not be completely unexpected, it’s still exciting to have official confirmation.

Furthermore, having this information helps us to understand even more about the capabilities of GPT-4, based on our interactions with Bing.

How to Get GPT-4 Right Now

Excitingly, OpenAI has released GPT-4, but sadly not everyone can get their hands on it just yet. At present, only ChatGPT Plus subscribers have access to the new model, and even they are subject to a usage cap.

However, Plus subscribers have the added bonus of limited token access to two versions of GPT-4, with some users being able to take advantage of the 32K engine for a longer word limit.

Others may be restricted to GPT-4 8K with a limited capacity, but don’t worry – OpenAI has assured users that token access will be dynamically adjusted based on demand.

Is GPT-4 available?


What does GPT-4 do?

GPT-4 can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to its broader general knowledge and problem solving abilities.

Will GPT-4 be free?


How much is GPT-4?

it will cost: $0.03 per 1k prompt request tokens* $0.06 per 1k completion response tokens*


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