7 Best Cheap Home Security Cameras in 2023

Looking for Best Cheap Home Security Cameras to beef up your home security without breaking the bank? You don’t have to sacrifice quality and reliability for affordability. With a range of DIY options available, protecting your home has never been more accessible.

Best Cheap Home Security Cameras
Best Cheap Home Security Cameras/FDM

Our comprehensive guide to the best cheap home security cameras on the market will give you peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.

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Major players like Wyze, GE, Amazon Blink, and TP-Link offer Wi-Fi cameras for $100 or less that don’t skimp on essential features or performance.

Even with these “cheap” security cameras, you can expect high-resolution video streaming, motion sensors, and push notifications through a companion app. Plus, these cameras can easily integrate with popular smart home ecosystems like Google Assistant or Alexa.

But while affordability is crucial, security and privacy should never be compromised. That’s why we recommend looking for a camera with two-step login authentication, WPA2 compatibility with your router, and end-to-end encryption. These features will help ensure that your footage remains private and secure.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best cheap cameras that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor monitoring, motion tracking, or other specific features, we’ve got you covered.

These cameras are an excellent investment for any homeowner looking to boost their home security without breaking the bank.

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Best Cheap Home Security Cameras in Budget

1.Wyze Cam v3

SetupMoveable, Outdoor/Indoor
StorageCloud, Local Storage
Google/Alexa CompatibilityBoth
Field of View130 Degrees
Wyze Cam v3/FDM

The Wyze Cam v3 is the answer to your prayers, currently available for just $30. With its affordable price point, you can easily outfit your home with multiple cameras for the same price as a single outdoor camera from another manufacturer.

Don’t let the low cost fool you – the Wyze Cam v3 is loaded with essential features like 1080 HD resolution, motion detection, and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. Plus, it even comes with two free weeks of cloud storage, a perk that’s hard to come by with other cameras.

You also have the option for local storage using the built-in micro SD card slot.

The Wyze Cam v3 is unique in that it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile choice for any home. However, keep in mind that it requires a wired power source, so it’s best for indoor use.

If you’re looking for a camera with 360-degree pan capabilities, check out the Wyze Cam Pan v2, which costs just $10 more than the Wyze Cam v3.

Overall, the Wyze Cam v3 is an affordable and reliable choice for anyone looking to secure their home without spending a fortune. With its impressive features and low price, it’s no wonder why the Wyze Cam v3 is a popular choice among budget-conscious homeowners.

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2.Kasa KC410S

Video Resolution2K
Motion DetectionAutomatic
Motion TrackingYes
Patrol ModeYes
Pan Range360 degrees
Two-Way TalkYes
Low-Light ColorVibrant
Local StorageMicroSD card (up to 256GB, sold separately)
Cloud StorageKasa Care account with up to 30 days of video history
Cloud Storage CostStarting at $3 per month per camera
SecurityTwo-step authentication for added protection of footage
Recommended UseIndoor monitoring
Kasa KC410S/FDM

Kasa KC410S, currently priced at a wallet-friendly $45. Boasting a crystal-clear 2K video resolution, automatic motion detection and tracking, and a Patrol Mode, this camera is perfect for keeping an eye on your pets or home care professionals, no matter where they roam.

The Kasa KC410S also offers a 360-degree pan range, two-way talk, and vibrant color in low-light conditions, making it an ideal choice for indoor monitoring. And with local storage available on a microSD card (up to 256GB, sold separately), you can store all your footage locally for added peace of mind.

If you prefer cloud storage, the Kasa Care account offers up to 30 days of video history for as little as $3 per month per camera. Plus, two-step authentication is a prominent feature of both the camera and the app, ensuring your footage stays safe and secure.

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3. Blink Outdoor Security Camera

Sure, here’s a table of specifications for the Blink Outdoor Security Camera:

Camera TypeWireless battery-powered HD security camera
Battery LifeUp to 2 years on two AA lithium batteries (included)
Cloud StorageRequires Blink Subscription Plan for cloud storage of video clips and photos
Local StorageSave events locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 via a USB flash drive (sold separately)
WeatherproofBuilt to withstand the elements
InstallationDIY setup in minutes with no wiring or professional installation required
Motion DetectionGet motion detection alerts on your phone with customizable motion zones
Live ViewSee, hear, and speak to visitors with real-time live view and two-way audio
CompatibilityWorks with Alexa-enabled devices
Included in KitOne Blink Outdoor camera and one Sync Module 2
Blink Outdoor Security Camera/FDM

The Blink Outdoor Security Camera is just what you need. This HD camera runs on batteries, making it easy to set up in any location with Wi-Fi access.

And with a price tag of $100 (including the camera, batteries, mounting hardware and more), it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to keep their home secure without breaking the bank.

What’s more, the Blink camera features Multiple Factor Security and end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your footage stays safe from prying eyes. And if you’re concerned about privacy, the company goes the extra mile to keep your account details hidden from Blink support, unless you grant access permission from the Account Management screen.

So if you want an outdoor camera that’s easy to install, easy to use, and won’t restrict your options, the Blink Outdoor Security Camera is the way to go. Plus, with its robust security features, you can rest assured that your home is always protected.

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4.TP-Link Tapo

ModelTapo 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera
Power sourceWired
SirenAutomatic siren with 2 lights and a sound alarm
Alarm customizationSpecific times, activity zones, or line-crossing detection
Night visionColor night vision up to almost 100 feet away
Two-way audioYes
Local storageUp to 128GB (SD card sold separately)
Cloud storageTapo Care subscription starting at around $3 per month
Ease of installationEasy to set up and use
PriceOn sale for $30 (regularly priced at $50)
Tapo 2K HD/FDM

TP-Link Tapo 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera. Though it’s not wireless, the camera features an automatic siren that activates two lights and a sound alarm when triggered, deterring potential intruders. The lights may not be super bright, but they’ll definitely alert any trespassers. The sound is loud and intimidating, yet not excessively disruptive to neighbors.

Customize the alarm by setting specific times or activity zones to trigger it. Other features include color night vision up to almost 100 feet away, two-way audio, and local storage of up to 128GB (SD card sold separately). Opt for cloud storage with a Tapo Care subscription starting at just around $3 per month.

Easy to set up and use, this camera provides peace of mind knowing that you can monitor your home anytime, anywhere. Protect your property and family with the TP-Link Tapo 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera, now on sale for just $30 (regularly priced at $50).

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5.Ring – Best for Alexa

Power sourceUSB power cord
Field of view140°
Two-way voiceYes, with noise cancellation
Motion detectionYes
Motion zonesYes
Cloud storageUp to 60 days of cloud storage per clip
Alexa compatibilityBest Alexa skill, smooth integration
Google Assistant compatibilityCompatible with Google Assistant
IFTTT compatibilityWorks with IFTTT
Ring Neighbors app compatibilityNeighborhood crime alerts are available with free Ring Neighbors app
Backup battery powerNone
Digital zoomNone
.Ring – Best Cam for Alexa/FDM

Overall, the Ring Indoor Cam offers a range of advanced features at an affordable price, though it may lack some conveniences such as backup battery power and digital zoom.

Experience top-notch home security with Ring Indoor Cam, the most affordable Alexa-compatible security camera in the market, priced at just $59.99. The smooth integration of Ring with Alexa is to be expected, given that both are sister companies owned by Amazon.

With Ring’s Alexa skill, you can easily manage your indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as other Ring devices like doorbell cameras, smart lights, smart locks, and sirens.

Compared to other ultra-cheap home security cameras, Ring cameras are slightly pricier to maintain, but the do-it-yourself free service includes alerts for all devices, although not cloud storage.

However, for only $3 per month, you can save up to 60 days worth of clips from one camera to the cloud. Opting for an annual subscription can also get you the same service for less than $10 per month, and you can save clips from all your cameras to the cloud for 60 days, as well as extend your Ring cameras’ warranties.

It’s an incredible value for modern home security!

The Ring Indoor Cam offers an extensive range of features, but one significant catch is that it requires a cloud storage subscription to record.

Nevertheless, Ring’s cloud plans are affordable, starting at $3 per month for 60 days worth of storage for one camera.

If you have multiple cameras, the $10 per month plan is an unbeatable deal, providing unlimited cloud storage for an unlimited number of Ring devices, including video doorbells, while also extending your Ring cameras’ warranties.

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6.Nest – Google Security Camera

Table of Specifications:

BrandGoogle Nest
ModelNest Cam (Indoor)
Power source10-ft USB power cord
Viewing angle130°
Night vision8 high-powered infrared LEDs
Two-way audioYes
Motion detectionYes
Motion zonesYes
Smart assistantGoogle Assistant
Cloud storageUp to 30 days per clip
Smart home integrationIFTTT and Google Home
Nest – Most Affordable Google Security Camera/FDM

Google Nest’s latest generation cameras! The Nest Cam (indoor) may cost $99.99, but it’s worth every penny. With 1080p HD resolution, HDR improvement, exceptional night vision, person detection, and superior sound quality, it’s one of the best security cameras on the market.

For just $80 more, you can upgrade to the Nest Cam (battery), which is weatherproof and wire-free, making it perfect for outdoor use. And with optional paid cloud storage, you can easily store your footage month-to-month.

Plus, all Nest cameras send free smartphone alerts when motion is detected and automatically save snapshots of the event to the cloud for up to three hours.

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7.Arlo – Best Security Camera

Arlo Q FeaturesSpecifications
Field of view130°
Motion zonesUp to 3 zones
Night visionInfrared
Two-way audioYes
Voice assistant supportAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Works with IFTTTYes
Local storageYes (Data cards sold separately)
Cloud storageFree
Arlo – Best Security Camera/FDM

Arlo Technologies! As a well-established Silicon Valley brand, Arlo offers the best value in terms of equipment price, quality, and daily use cost.

With a diverse selection of cameras, each with an impressive suite of features, you’ll get everything you need for top-notch home security. Arlo cameras include two-way audio, crisp resolution in any light, activity zones, and much more.

Plus, the portable Arlo Baby cam can even play lullabies and monitor air quality for your little ones.

Starting at just $99.99 for the Arlo Essential, Arlo indoor-only cameras are a great choice for any budget. And with free cloud plans available, you can easily upgrade to add artificial intelligence features and more for as low as $14.99 per month.

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